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Energy. Environment. Economics.  Three cornerstones that shape the electricity industry today.  E3 has operated at the nexus of energy, environment, and economics since its inception in 1989. Our analysis has informed debate on many of the key issues facing the electricity industry today. From regulated utilities to restructured markets, from distributed resources to high voltage transmission, we understand electricity economics. Our experts will help you chart your path through this dynamic landscape.

E3's recently released "Full Value Tariff Design and Retail Rate Choices" Report, sponsored by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Department (NYSERDA) and NY Department of Public Staff, proposes a practical 'full value' tariff (FVT) and explores transition paths that can be used for its implementation. To evaluate the effects of a FVT, a New York-specific 'smart home' model was developed to evaluate customer behavior and the value proposition of key DER technologies that can potentially respond to dynamic prices sent through retail rates such as those under existing default rates, existing time-of-use (TOU) rates, and the proposed FVT or 'smart' rates that are more area- and time-specific. Solar PV, air conditioning energy efficiency, customer conservation, smart heating/cooling, and smart charging of electric vehicles were all evaluated.

E3 recently completed an assessment of the flexibility of the generation fleet of the Western Interconnection under a range of renewable penetrations. The full report and executive summary can be accessed here The study examines the operational consequences of continuing to add variable renewable resources (wind and solar) in excess of current policy targets, as well as strategies to mitigate the challenges that arise at higher penetrations. The results of the study will be shared in a webinar hosted by WECC on January 27

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