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Priya Sreedharan

Dr. Priya Sreedharan, Managing Consultant + Dr. Sreedharan is currently on sabbatical from E3 serving as a technical adviser to the US Agency for International Development in New Delhi, India. Prior to her sabbatical, she led many clean energy projects in the areas of buildings-to-grid (microgrids, thermal storage, cogeneration, smart appliances and responsive loads), energy efficiency, and environmental impacts of power generation, a reflection of her dual mechanical/environmental engineering background. She initiated and leads E3s efforts in the Indian power sector. Dr. Sreedharan brings a unique perspective towards solving energy problems through a deep technical background and professional experiences spanning the private, public, and academic sectors. Her clients include the agencies, utilities, and university campuses and range from federal policy analysis to project development. Recent activities include developing a distributed energy resource plan for the Tata Power Delhi Utility and tools for assessing cost-effectiveness of system based energy efficiency. Dr. Sreedharan came to E3 after completing a AAAS fellowship at the U.S. EPA where she analyzed the impacts of energy efficiency in the Waxman Markey climate bill and advised the U.S. DOE on the environmental implications of smart grid. She has worked with the Integral Group on ultra-efficient data centers and commercial buildings and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She has a PhD and MS in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley where she developed algorithms for sensor and control systems for energy and indoor air quality applications.

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