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Andrew Debenedictis

Andrew DeBenedictis + "The small size of E3, combined with the company's broad reach and powerful influence in the energy world, creates a working environment unlike any other. Employees at all levels freely exchange ideas and advice, fostering an atmosphere in which each person learns constantly, and develops strong relationships with colleagues. E3 encourages growth of young employees very effectively, urging them to interact directly with clients and to publish academic papers with the help of senior staff. Given the wide range of projects handled by E3, I was able to work with a wide variety of clients, including utility commissions, investor-owned utilities, publicly-owned utilities, national labs, and clean energy developers, giving me thorough exposure to each facet of the energy world. Professionally and socially, my former coworkers from E3 remain some of the best contacts I have."

E3 Alumni 2013
Physics PhD candidate
Tufts University

David Miller

David Miller + "The work culture at E3 is a unique hybrid of a business and academic environment. E3 maintains close relationships with local universities, and we often have lunch seminars featuring graduate students working on relevant energy topics. This business/academic hybrid can also be seen in the projects we work on. In addition to working for large corporate clients such as PGandE and SCE, I have provided technical support to Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and have co-authored multiple papers published in peer reviewed academic journals.    E3 is a relatively small company, and younger employees like me are able to develop close working relationships with senior E3 energy experts. E3 provides an excellent work environment for young professionals interested in electricity economics and clean energy policy"

E3 Alumni 2011
Harvard University