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Alexander E. Farrell Graduate Fellowship

The Farrell Fellowship is available to PhD students at U.C. Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group (ERG).

Alexander E. Farrell (1962 − 2008) was professor of Energy and Resources at U.C. Berkeley from 2003 to 2008. Before that he managed the Electricity-Industry Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Alex worked on a wide range of energy issues and technologies, from biofuels and oil shale to electricity systems and the low carbon fuel standard. His work was characterized by rigorous quantitative analysis and an engagement with industry and policymakers that is rare in academia. Alex and his work had a powerful impact on the energy field and energy policy. He cared deeply about students and was an extraordinary mentor.

This fellowship for doctoral research in Energy and Resources honors Alex Farrell’s contributions and dedication to both students and the energy field. The intent of this fellowship is to support and encourage scholars whose work will have a direct impact on energy systems, and especially greenhouse gas reductions, in the near future. The dissertation topic can be in any area of energy, and like Alex’s work should have the potential for practical, widespread, high-impact applications that are broadly useful to others in the field.

$20,000 per year

One year with renewal for a second year, contingent on demonstration of good progress

One student will be supported at a time. Thus, it is expected that a new fellow will be selected every other year.

PhD student in good standing (i.e., no more than one incomplete grade.). Student may be recently accepted to the PhD program or a continuing student at any stage of the dissertation process.

Has a doctoral advisor who is ERG faculty or faculty affiliate and who can provide regular, effective guidance and feedback.

Availability (or lack) of other sources of support, including fellowships, GSI, or GSR, is not a criteria for selection.

Application and Selection Process:
The application process will be posted when the next fellowship period is announced.


sam borgeson

The first Farrell Fellowship was Awarded to Sam Borgeson in 2009 to support his dissertation research on energy use in buildings.