E3: Energy+Environmental Economics
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Technological advancement, increased environmental awareness and electric industry evolution have combined to create tremendous opportunities for developers of renewable energy, energy storage, smart grid, electric and natural gas vehicles, and other emerging technologies. With its unrivalled technical, regulatory, and policy expertise, E3 understands the value that new technologies can bring to a complex and rapidly-changing electricity marketplace. Having decades of experience working with regulators, utilities and project developers, E3 effectively communicates these values directly to clients to help them make informed decisions as they develop innovative projects for their businesses.

E3 can assist clients with key issues such as:

  • Technology valuation
  • Business case development
  • Market analysis and forecasting
  • Site evaluation
  • Transmission and interconnection
  • Power purchase agreement negotiation
  • Investor due diligence
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Technology deployment strategies
  • Wholesale market rules and bidding strategies
  • Levelized costs and cost-effectiveness
  • Microgrid modeling
  • Energy storage dispatch and market co-optimization
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Scenario analysis
Contact: Snuller Price or Ren Orans

CleanTech. E3 provides strategic advice and analysis for energy startups and venture capital funds.

IPPs and Developers. E3 provides asset valuation, transmission planning and interconnection, policy analysis and market analysis for project developers.

Electric Power Research Institute, Energy Storage Assessment. E3 developed EPRI's Energy Storage Valuation Tool, which analyzes the market for electricity storage applications.

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Smart Grid Strategies. E3 was retained by OG&E to investigate the value of smart grid and energy storage strategies for integrating solar energy.

University of California, San Diego Smart Grid Demonstration. E3 evaluated the benefits of real-time management of UCSD’s microgrid for facilitating renewable integration under high solar PV penetration scenarios.

PG&E Electric Vehicle Study. E3 developed a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) charging model and a detailed financial model that shows impacts of PHEVs on utility rates and revenues.

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) Renewable Feed-in Tariff. E3 assisted HECO in the implementation of a cost-based feed-in tariff for small-scale wind, solar and in-line hydro generation.