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Sample Projects

Public policy is playing an increasing role in shaping current and future energy sector investments. Electric utilities are responding to federal and state tax policies promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, distributed generation, demand response, energy storage and smart grid applications. In addition to these current policies, greenhouse gas emissions reduction policies are driving investment in renewable and low-carbon generation in many jurisdictions. E3 has a detailed understanding of both the policy imperative for clean energy investments and the effect of those investments on utility operations and retail rates.

We provide in-depth energy and climate policy analysis to our clients in both the public and private sectors in areas such as:

  • Clean energy policy analysis
  • Assessment of barriers to policy implementation
  • Carbon market design, analysis and price forecasts
  • Design of long-term carbon reduction strategies
  • Evaluation of environmental co-benefits
  • Design of feed-in tariffs for clean energy sources
  • Assessment of renewable energy credit (REC) trading rules
  • Bid and contract evaluation support
  • Long-run scenario planning
  • Legislative analysis and support
Contact: Snuller Price or Brian Horii

2050 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plans. E3 studied California’s options to meet deep reductions in GHG emissions by 2050. The study, “The Technology Path to Deep Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cuts by 2050: The Pivotal Role of Electricity,” was published in Science in January 2012.

Policy Support for Regional Transmission Planning. E3 is supporting the Western Electric Coordinating Council’s Scenario Planning Steering Group and the State-Provincial Steering Committee in developing policy-driven scenarios for WECC’s Regional Transmission Expansion Planning processes.

Wind Excise Tax Evaluation for Wyoming Governor’s Office. E3 developed cost estimates for typical wind energy projects in 11 Western states for the State of Wyoming Governor's Office to assess the impact of a proposed excise tax on the competitiveness of Wyoming wind resources relative to other western states.

California Agency Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies. E3 has advised the California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission and California Air Resources Board regarding regulatory strategies for implementing Assembly Bill 32, California’s landmark climate change legislation.

2007 Idaho Energy Plan. E3 served as advisor, facilitator and drafter to the Idaho Legislature in developing the 2007 Idaho Energy Plan, Idaho’s first comprehensive, statewide energy plan in 25 years.

Hawaiian Electric Company “Clean Energy Future” Study. E3 estimated the impact of implementing Hawaii’s Clean Energy Future plan on HECO’s costs, rates and customer bills during period from 2010 through 2050, including the costs of decarbonizing the transportation and industrial sectors through electrification of fossil fuel end uses.

Evaluation of co-benefits from clean energy. E3 has performed studies assessing criteria pollutant and health impacts of energy sector emissions for clients such as the University of California, Southern California Gas Company, and Seattle City Light.