E3: Energy+Environmental Economics

Clients call on E3 when they need rigorous analysis that withstands the test of third-party review and regulatory scrutiny.

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Uniquely positioned at the nexus of power systems engineering, public policy, technological innovation, energy markets, and regulatory practice, E3 performs rigorous analysis on behalf of a wide range of clients in the energy industry. Our clients include utilities, system operators, independent power producers, energy technology companies, regulators, government agencies, public interest organizations, and energy consumers. This breadth is unique among firms our size and speaks to the energy and dedication of our staff, and the respect our clients have for E3's high-quality, unbiased analysis.

E3 works on high-impact, high-profile projects that require both rigorous technical analysis and the ability to communicate our findings in terms that are accessible to a broad audience. E3 professionals frequently present information to corporate executives, regulatory commissioners and elected officials, as well as in public forums such as conferences and stakeholder workshops. E3 partners often serve as expert witnesses in regulatory proceedings or commercial litigation. The rigor and quality of E3’s analysis is demonstrated by our extensive publications in scholarly journals.

Clients call on E3 when they need insightful analysis that is informed by a deep understanding and extensive experience in the energy industry. Nimble, focused and responsive, E3 develops customized solutions to clients’ most pressing challenges.

E3 helped BC Hydro develop a suite of new conservation-focused rate designs. The large general service rate uses a 2-part design with a customer baseline to mitigate bill impacts while providing a marginal-cost based pricing signal. E3 provided comprehensive assistance and analyses to support development of the rate, from surveying other North American rates, to performing cluster analysis to develop customer segmentation, to calculating bill impacts and conservation effects under alternative designs.