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Sample Projects

Electricity sectors around the world are undergoing major changes in response to increasing economic and environmental pressures. Developing countries, in particular, face the extraordinary challenge of meeting rapid growth in demand while limiting the environmental footprint of electricity services. In a world of more intermittent and distributed supply, volatile fossil fuel prices, and smarter grids and appliances, the case for sound electricity policy and planning has never been stronger. E3’s international work on electricity policy and planning combines our deep power sector experience with in-house language and cultural expertise.

Since 1993 E3 has been providing consulting services to international clients in areas such as:

  • Cost-of-service analysis and retail rate design
  • Integrated resource planning
  • Renewable and low-carbon energy planning
  • Transmission planning
  • Demand Side Management planning and valuation
  • Energy efficiency, demand response and load shifting cost-effectiveness
  • Electricity sector restructuring
  • Smart grid and micro-grid applications
Contact: Snuller Price or Ren Orans

China: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy Analysis. For the last four years E3 has worked with the China Research Center for Public Policy and the Regulatory Assistance Project to analyze the economics of policies to reduce CO2 emissions in China's electricity sector.

China: Energy Efficiency Cost-Effectiveness. E3 has worked with the Beijing Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Center, Natural Resources Defense Council and Regulatory Assistance Project to develop training materials that introduce energy efficiency cost-effectiveness methods in China.

India: Electricity grid evolution. E3 worked under the auspices of the ClimateWorks Foundation’s “Best Practices Network-India” to provide a conceptual and analytical framework to help Indian policy makers make sustainable and cost-effective decisions on how to develop the power grid to support India’s clean energy goals.

China: "Four Things You Should Know about China's Electricity System". E3 consultants prepared this brief as part of the China Environment Forum's Cooperative Competitors series.

Hong Kong: Rate of Return Regulation. During 2002-2006, E3 advised China Light and Power and Hong Kong Electric on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s proposal of reforming the ROR regulation that has been in place since the early 1970s.

Israel: Electricity Market Restructuring Assessment. Israeli Electric Company retained E3 to analyze stranded cost recovery mechanisms used in the US under electricity market restructuring and to assess the financial performance of an incumbent utility under alternative mechanisms.