E3: Energy+Environmental Economics
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Sample Projects

E3 has an active practice in energy and resource planning on behalf of utilities, large consumers and state agencies. E3’s services range from high-level policy planning for state agencies and commissions to detailed technical studies for utilities or independent system operators, such as resource needs related to wind integration or the impact of carbon regulation on energy market prices. With expertise evaluating the economics, potential and performance of both demand-side and supply-side resource options, our combination of technical expertise and regulatory and policy experience makes E3 an ideal choice to perform resource planning studies in today’s world

Our resource planning and procurement services include:

  • Integrated resource planning
  • Carbon market evaluation and strategy
  • Environmental/air quality regulatory impact
  • Renewable energy credit (REC) market assessment
  • Resource procurement strategy and contracting
  • Bid evaluation
  • Renewable portfolio standard compliance planning
  • Renewable resource integration needs
  • Reliability/Loss-of-Load Probability modeling
  • Assessment of environmental co-benefits
  • Flexible capacity planning and procurement
  • Value of bulk and distributed energy storage
  • Regulatory support and expert witness testimony
  • Assessment of “non-wires” alternatives to transmission investments
Contact: Arne Olson or Ren Orans

California Independent System Operator Renewable Integration Studies. E3 has led the California ISO’s studies of the need for new flexible resources to accommodate the variability and uncertainty of wind and solar resources expected to meet the state’s 33% Renewable Portfolio Standard.

California PUC 33% RPS Implementation Analysis. E3 evaluated the costs and implementation challenges of meeting a 33% Renewables Portfolio Standard in California by 2020 and developed alternative renewable portfolios that are used in state agency, ISO and WECC planning efforts.

Long-Term Procurement Planning in California. E3 assisted the California Public Utilities Commission staff in developing a comprehensive and standardized resource planning process that incorporates the effects of California’s aggressive energy policy goals.

PNGC Power Integrated Resource Plan. E3 conducted the first Integrated Resource Plan for PNGC Power, an 800-MW Generation and Transmission cooperative with fourteen member utilities in seven western states.

El Paso Electric Company Dispatch Model. E3 developed a model to calculate the variable cost of EPEC’s electricity purchases and generation on an hourly basis.

Western Electric Industry Leaders Group, “Towards 2020” study. E3 was retained by a group of western utility CEOs and executive officers to develop scenarios for procuring renewable and low-carbon energy resources to meet renewables portfolio standard and greenhouse gas reduction goals throughout the Western Interconnection.

University of California, Office of the President. UCOP retained E3 to provide advice and analysis to support the University of California’s energy procurement decisions, with a goal of reducing its carbon footprint.