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California Solar Initiative Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation
E3 is leading the cost-effectiveness assessment of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) for the California Public Utilities Commission.  This project encompasses three analyses: (1) the legislative report on NEM to the California Legislature, (2) the cost-effectiveness assessment of the California Solar Initiative, and (3) the cost-effectiveness of other CPUC DG programs.

CSI Cost-Effectiveness Report (April, 2011)
Final CSI Report (5 MB)

August 4, 2010 Workshop Materials
CSI Evaluation Presentation (zip 4MB) (updated)
Individual Installation Pro-Forma Tool (zip 1.7MB) (3/11/2011)
CSI Avoided Cost Workbook (zip 10MB)

November 20th Workshop Materials
Workshop Presentation (pdf 1.8MB)
Draft Avoided Cost Calculation Spreadsheet (zip 10.3 MB)
Quick Start Guide to Pro-Forma Tool (pdf)
Draft PV Financial Pro-Forma Tool (xls 1.2MB) - (11/23/2009)

NEM Cost-Effectiveness Report (January 2010)
Final NEM Report with CPUC Intro (pdf 2.3MB)