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Statewide Joint IOU Study of Permanent Load Shifting
E3 and StrateGen Consulting have been selected to perform a statewide joint IOU study in collaboration with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and utilities to explore alternative strategies for permanent load shifting (PLS) in California. This study is an outcome of the CPUC Order D.09-08-027 “Decision adoption demand response activities and budgets for 2009 through 2011”.  The purpose of the study is to investigate ways of expanding PLS and will include (1) a cost effectiveness analysis and (2) a market assessment.  

Final Analytica Model with Errata (updated 3/31/11)
E3 PLS Model
E3 PLS Model (Instructions)

Final Report with Errata (Updated 3/31/11)
Executive Summary
Final Report with Errata (Updated 3/31/11)
Errata (Updated 3/31/11)
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